But You Are a Dog

But You Are a Dog is a 2D animated short film written and directed by Malin Erixon, with Shanti Roney as voice actor. The idea for the film is based on a show I went to some time ago - a choreography performance by Tove Salmgren. The performance reminded me of how differently we perceive art and culture, depending on how much preunderstanding we have of what we are experiencing. And I pondered how our appreciation of culture is affected by others when consumed in a group. Duration: 11:52 min.

The film premiered at Göteborg International Film Festival in January 2014, the leading film festival in Scandinavia and, with an audience of 200 000 visitors a year, one of the largest festivals in the world. The film was nominated for Startsladden 2014, one of the biggest short film awards in the world. :)

An odd group of people gather to see an unusual dance performance. They all have their own issues but nevertheless, they can't help but notice the odd one out. This is a nontraditional love story, between a man and his... special friend.