But you are a dog

Director, scriptwriter & producer: Malin Erixon
Associate producer: Johan Ribe
Production company: Ganzanderes Animation
Voice actor: Shanti Roney
Design & animation: Malin Erixon
Editing: Malin Erixon & Johan Ribe
Sound design: Lea Korsgaard
Music: Christofer Ahde
Dramaturgical and artistic advisor: Johan Ribe / iFilm
Dramaturgical advisor: Malin Ekerstedt
Technical advisor: Nils Nouchi
Voice recording technician: Mikael Lundh

Inspired by the choreography "Hand Show" by Tove Salmgren.

Financial support by:
The Swedish Film Institute / film commissioner Andreas Fock and iFilm

Thank you!
Tove Salmgren, Mårten Bäckman, Hedvig Erixon, Edith Erixon,
Gullvi Erixon, Lars Erixon, Casper "Sök" Nystedt & Ninja Nystedt

International distribution:
Theo Tsappos at The Swedish Film Institute, theo.tsappos@sfi.se

Swedish distribution:
Folkets Bio